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Three Ways to Show You Care at Rehearsal this Week

January 19, 2015, filed under Blog

Every week you have an opportunity to invest in your team and show them you care at your weekly rehearsal.
  Yet too many times we let the constraint of time and the demands of music override our pastoral position in the rehearsal room.
  Remember: You are a pastor first and a

Three “Must Do’s” for Your 2015 Ministry Calendar

January 13, 2015, filed under Podcasting

2015 is not even 2 weeks old and chances are your ministry calendar is already filling up!
  Planning Meetings… Rehearsals… Mission Trips… Mid-week [insert your commitments here].
Faster than you realize, ministry "life as we know it" happens!
And if your calendar for 2015 isn’t planned, then 2015 read more...

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