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Ask these 3 Questions to Create a Dynamic Worship Service Flow

April 28, 2015, filed under Blog

 Have you been there before?

After leading a powerful worship set, you come to the end of the final song. It’s a quiet moment of worship and the congregation fully engaged and focused on God, when . . .

. . . the "announcements guy" comes out with a big laugh and smile, and sets a completely different read more...

Ask this Question Before You Finalize Your Worship Set for Sunday

April 21, 2015, filed under Blog

Developing a Music Plan is one of your most important roles each week.  I’m not just talking about selecting the set list. That’s only part of it.

I’m talking about creating a plan for how the music that you have selected is going to fit into the overall flow of the worship order, help create moments of life transformation, read more...

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